by Richard Jansen

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I met this girl
a supafly chick
and i dont even kno her
who she been with
but suddenly and
she started callin
started bombin up my cellphone

Verse 1:

What up lil mama
holla at cha boy
mr young rich dont mess wit em toys
ionoe u not that u kno me
u seen me and ive seen u
like.. ayy..hey

She pretty lil fine
and i thot i could hit it
i thot i could hit it
so i let her pop up the bottle
let her run on the floor
watch her move up like an elevator do
lookin at me starin like she really want mo
Shawty got my number from a girl i kno
called her pro by the way she dance,
all she wanna do is gimmi good romance
thick thighs, nice waist, shawty's a 10,
from outta town she in holiday inn
Say she gotta man but her man's a lame
ready to settle down to own my name
she 3 years older but she wanted a chance,
u on the right track baby ride on my train
u aint gotta worry what the others be sayin
love in the club all coincidence
eye meets eye, could be more den frens,
u my first lady and im yur president


Verse 2:

She dowanna mess wit them entertainers,
say they always leave, find a betta female,
but be real this could be a fairytale
how long will it last, only time will tell,
but the moment im in it i give it all for real
exhale, inhale, u da air i smell
and i might well tell u the truth and be real
im young, u bet my playin cards are well,
i switch girls like battery cells
nice sweet talk keys to the hotel
one night it is we could bid farewell,
im just bein honest what the rest wont tell
for real i could ring your girls bells,
and i could tell her to leave wen i repel
eye meets eye, could be more den frens,
u my first lady and im yur president

Chorus Once

Chorus Reversed


released February 1, 2010
Written & Performed by Richard Jansen
Produced by Muzique



all rights reserved


Richard Jansen Singapore

RICHARD JANSEN is a Singaporean based R&B/Hip-Hop artist who has performed live with artistes such as Scola of Multi- Platinum Group Dru Hill and Akon.

Inspired by artistes such as T.I, Bow Wow and Michael Jackson, RICHARD started writing songs at the age of 12 and then moved on to creating a new style of his own, combining the genre of RnB, Hip-Hop and Pop.
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