Marvin Gaye (Remix)

by Richard Jansen

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Some days you feel like taking a break off the main works and wanna just spit somethin for the fun of it....... this is one of those days...

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Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that i want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn
Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on

I don't know if i’m tripping but i see no flaws in you girl,
funny how you make my membrane cells jiggle,
got me caught in your world,
you packing them bombs, but ‘i sees’ more than that,
baby tell me is you finna get it on,
why you playing real hard to get,
weren’t you on social media, tryna get me to holla back,
oh nah rich, don’t burst the bubble,
skip that baby lemme tell ya what's in store,

i give it the way you want it, keep raising ya pulse,
we aint got no time to waste, overtiming no pause,
she was like ok ok, more action, less talk,
that’s level up for me, stage 1 unlock,
stage 2 on her fours, she was turning it up,
speedy gonzales, tasmanian devil is yours,
blowin ya mind, is you ready to get all lost,
oh my god be careful what you wishing for,

rich gonn give it to ya,
now she catching feelings, fussin and she wanting all that real love,
and i’m like hold up,
weren’t you supposed to be gone at dawn girl,
she was like hell nah, i just changed my mind and i wanna be here now, and this what i said,

let’s pack our stuffs and get it going, i don’t know what you on,
but now you trippin,
we should be on our way out of here now, saying goodbyes
let’s pack our stuffs and get it going


released July 5, 2015




Richard Jansen Singapore

RICHARD JANSEN is a Singaporean based R&B/Hip-Hop artist who has performed live with artistes such as Scola of Multi- Platinum Group Dru Hill and Akon.

Inspired by artistes such as T.I, Bow Wow and Michael Jackson, RICHARD started writing songs at the age of 12 and then moved on to creating a new style of his own, combining the genre of RnB, Hip-Hop and Pop.
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