My Witch

by Richard Jansen

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Verse 1:

Yeh im dressed up wit a suit & a tie,
Im slow walkin to the club on the side,
Alotta lil mamas and they lookin all wild,
If my eyes on you, den im diggin your style,
Accordingly they all love me,
They tellin me they wanna be a part of me,
But im only feelin one, so im pickin you lady,
One night, you could put your spell on me,
She tellin me she gettin pretty pretty horny,
She moanin and the volume increasin,
My lip on her neck while she breathin,
She scrapin on my back gettin wild, cot damnn,


Now watch her lips, chinky eyes,
Look at the way she turn and flies,
Way she laughs, she's your witch,
Your body itch wit her magic stick,

Checkout my gal, She's My Witch
Got me hypnotized, She's My Witch
Her sexy eyes, She's My Witch
Damn right, yeh She's My Witch

Now watch her fingers, her nails,
Scrapin, scratchin up on my back (x3)
Now she's my witch, my witch, my witch,my witch
She's mine

Verse 2:

Now breathe, get back,
Its real talk, i got sumtin you lack,
Bouta make money like lil weezy,
Equip wit the cream sumtin like a bakery,
They call me the superman,
Damn right gal u dont needa man,
And i will pay to get rid of your man,
Roll wit the boy, im independent,
The prince of the magic man,
Touch it bring it down,
You hot, sumtin just to cool you down,
I am the talk of the town,
And im a don, You're my witch, you be leavin in the mornin,
They call me Yung Rich and i got the potions,
One touch make you move like waves in Oceans,
Aint no matter wad i do, i do it to perfection,
Anythin you want gal, you get it in an instant,
You could smell my swagger,
Sumtin like cologne wen i splash it on your body & massage ya,
Your toes, to your thighs, wherever,
Strut a pose for my Camera Phone, take a picture

Verse 3:

She gettin restless and i dont trust this,
But ima do wad it do to keep my coolest,
She gotta clinch fist, holdin on my wrist,
She tellin me she really don't wanna ruin this,
I mean like ruin wad? Dont really get you,
What you thinkin bout, what you into,
Said i gotta go, im like yeh i kno,
Thats the plan though, you gotta leave boo,
Tellin me she don't wanna leave me alone,
You could come back baby anytime you want,
And a poof in an instant, there she gone,
Fairytale endin, i am the Prince, gone


released January 1, 2010
Produced by Magic Potions
Written & Peformed by Richard Jansen



all rights reserved


Richard Jansen Singapore

RICHARD JANSEN is a Singaporean based R&B/Hip-Hop artist who has performed live with artistes such as Scola of Multi- Platinum Group Dru Hill and Akon.

Inspired by artistes such as T.I, Bow Wow and Michael Jackson, RICHARD started writing songs at the age of 12 and then moved on to creating a new style of his own, combining the genre of RnB, Hip-Hop and Pop.
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