R​.​I​.​C​.​O - Meek Mill (Richard Jansen Remix)

by Richard Jansen

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Richard Jansen raps a verse on Meek Mill's 'R.I.C.O'


Funny y’all thinking that y’all the hottest property in the town,
all you delusional artistes please sit ya asses right down,
i’m too far in this bitch, y’all still on blows jobs and getting lip services,
all ya’ll souls wandering, y’all might need compasses,
killin’ no charges, go find all y’all carcasses,

Done had some friends that have flipped and now label me 1 of their enemies,
reason being i was killing it, they couldn’t stand just recording me,
i hit the air waves, while they edit waves files, envy led to jealousy,
just know i’m still in this bitch, fuck you and you and you, no apologies,
next up, it’s more facts, got homies ringing me to tell me joke news,
got old dudes, tryna jack me too, not just my style, flow, but my outfit too,
that’s a compliment, cos i’m a bigger man,
even-though you’s a straight damn rip off man, your career still stagnant like an ornament,
so here’s a fuck you for my amusement,

They saying that i messed the market up, reason they ain’t getting paid,
i got in early on early, i done took the whole bakery hostage,
i want the cream of the crop, i want the best of the best.
cool with me with y’all cool getting less,
ya’ll wanna talk dollars when ya’ll ain’t got sense,
non relevant, all of ya’ll past tense,

We stacking 5 thou per show and i’m still wanting more, more
i deserve more and i wanna get more, i don’t see why y’all be fussin’ for,
y’all talking bout hustling and shit, but tell me what you get when you hustling shit, shit,
fell in love with no coco, but put me on your track, and i’ll give you a hit,

Smoking a cigarette, every puff i take, the ashes i flick
is you rappers i’m burning
they want me on tracks but don’t wanna pay nothing
just know y’all ain’t paying for stuffs i be spitting
ya’ll paying for breathes i be taking in between
cos i’m worth every breathe that i’m blessing you with
i’m just being honest not cutting no corners
no time for no commas

Started from bottom, i started from losing,
so fuck what you thought if i had it all easy,
you peoples are crazy, i’m nice i’ma give y’all a hand
i’ma ring an uber, send y’all to hougang,
to get y’all fix, put y’all on mufuckin’ tubes,
guess mufucka’s need some food in their brains huh,

I’m just being honest……
i’m just being honest……
i’m just being honest……
fuck you if i can’t keep it real now


released July 27, 2015




Richard Jansen Singapore

RICHARD JANSEN is a Singaporean based R&B/Hip-Hop artist who has performed live with artistes such as Scola of Multi- Platinum Group Dru Hill and Akon.

Inspired by artistes such as T.I, Bow Wow and Michael Jackson, RICHARD started writing songs at the age of 12 and then moved on to creating a new style of his own, combining the genre of RnB, Hip-Hop and Pop.
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