What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber (Rap Remix​/​Cover)

by Richard Jansen

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Great track, decided to do a remix/cover for it! Just added my own touch to it as well, hope y'all like this one. Make sure to download it & maybe share it on your socials, Facebook/Twitter? :)

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Listen & get the original version of "What Do You Mean?" by Justin Bieber here! - vevo.ly/zvsAcK


Girl i hope you listening what I’m saying,
i’m tryna race it all back to the start,
Don't know if you screwed it up or i’m failing,
got one shot aiming straight right through your heart,

You the only one reason, that i’m on this,
i was doing overtime, let’s be honest,
takes 2 to clap, but i was short one,
guess you drifted apart, prolly moved on,
see i don’t really know what you mean tho’,
said ya ready to ride, but now you gone tho’
you on that copperfield shit like how you vanish,
i was tryna cop a deal to make it happen,

look ma, now i’m sitting high on the pedestal,
i don’t really mess with number 2’s number 3’s now,
numero uno, number 1 is all i need now,
better than ya current one, better than ya next one,
i don’t need to brag tho’, like
you can see all for yaself tho’,
don’t trip on somethin that you once had tho’,
new me, you wished you had it all tho’ , look

Said you running outta time, what do you mean,
Better make up your mind, what do you mean,
oh oh oh, when you nod your head yes but you wanna say no,
what do you mean, na na na,
what do you mean


released September 14, 2015
Instrumental - www.hipstrumentals.com
Rap Lyrics - Richard Jansen




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